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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: February 2, 2006

Hi Chefs!

Just like Feb, I'll make these announcements short and sweet:
The new calendar is up! Please check out to see details and sign up for class.  I tried my best to schedule all the classes and to meet with all your requests.  Please note:  the new website is up!  huh?  That means that there is a new signup and payment procedure in place.  Please, please, be patient with us!  There may be kinks to work out...kindly email if you experience any problems with the new system.

A sweet little recipe:  want to make something a little fancy/ no fuss for your Valentine?  This may leave yummy leftovers for you, ha!
At Trader Joe's they have these lovely chocolate praline lace Florentines.  Get a package of these, some heavy cream, and some fresh raspberries.  Whip a cup of the cream with a little powdered sugar and perhaps a drop or two of something boozy.  Throw in about half of the raspberries and whisk vigorously until the cream turns a lovely pink.  With the cookies, make little sandwiches by dolloping the cream in the middle.  Serve a few on a plate with the raspberries you have left, thrown about in a pretty fashion.  Ooh la la!

In the March newsletter, I'll be putting up new classes, hooray!  I'm thinking of a paella class....

Wishing you a wonderful month,