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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: February 1, 2011

Best Beloved Hipcooks,

Happy Sweet February to you all!  Be our Valentine?

Thank you all for wonderful kick-off to 2011 -  most of our classes are fully booked! Hip Hip Hooray!
And we've got great news for you, Sweetcheeks:
And here are lots more juicy announcements, Sweetpea:
  • Last of the Winter Classes:  Our cozy Winter in Paris, Hot Soup Focus Group are available one more time before Spring springs.  This the last opportunity to check 'em out, Schnookums.  (all studios)
  • That being said, First of the Spring Classes are here, poopykins!  After many requests (thank you!) we added Springtime in Paris to the schedules. (all studios).
  • Want to impress your Honeybunny with your amazing Samurai Skillz? Hipcooks WestLA has the Rockin' Knife Skill Workshop with the amazing (and loveable!) Erika, slicing up in mid Feb. Limited spots available for this dicing and chopping extravaganza.
  • Pho Sure, Cutiepies, we've got a new Hipcooks class for you: Vietnamese! We're kicking off this class at Hipcooks West on March 2, but all studios will see it soon. Learn to make: bun, pho, crunchy salads, desserts with mango and passionfruit.
  • Help me with a new class in the works, oh Family Guys and Gals.  I've had so many requests on classes for Feeding the Family - even a class that children can attend with their parents.  I have lots of menu ideas, but first I would like some of your input, please, twinkletoes. What I need to know, so I can develop the class that you want:  what shall I focus on?  Creating meals for the week? How to re-purpose leftovers? How to shop? What can families cook together?  Are there specific things that you want to learn to make? Do you have any killer family recipes that you would like to share? What shall I include to make this class right for you?  Top suggestions win a ticket to come to the class, you hot tamales, so please fire away your suggestions!
  • Screw all this romance - do you want to get yourself into tip-top shape and do something wonderful and healthy for yourself?  Let us help you change your life! Are you or your Cutie Patootie gluten sensitive or intolerant?  (So many people are these days.)  Even if you are not, limiting gluten will result in a happier, healthier, more rested, and *even* more adorable you!  Learn all about being deliciously gluten-free in the "I'm Freee!" workshop.  It is like a regular hands-on Hipcooks class, only better - with classroom time as well. While everything is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian, this class really focuses on healthy meals for an energetic, positive you. (all studios but Seattle, unless you sweetly convince Bonny)

Recipe(s) of the month

Raspberry Florentines
a quickie little dessert recipe for your sweetie: Something a little fancy/ no fuss for your Valentine?  This may leave yummy leftovers for you, ha!  At Trader Joe's they have these lovely chocolate praline lace Florentines.  Get a package of these, some heavy cream, and some fresh raspberries.  Whip a cup of the cream with a little powdered sugar and perhaps a drop or two of something boozey.  Throw in about half of the raspberries and whisk vigorously until the cream turns a lovely pink.  Make little cookie sandwiches by dolloping the cream in between two cookies.  Serve a few on a plate with the raspberries you have left, thrown about in a pretty fashion.

See the video here.  Did y'all know we have our own Channel on YouTube?  uh-huh!

Just like we posted many Healthy Recipes for Healthy January, check out our Facebook page throughout Sweet Feb, where we'll throwin' down many recipes and videos that are sweeeeeeeeeet, yeah!

Eat Well, Be Well,